How to stay safe from tyre theft?

Posted On June 8th, 2017

Car theft is a common crime that is widely reported all around the globe. However, thanks to the ever sophisticated modern technology such as immobilizer and tracker, it has become a complex job for the robbers to take the whole vehicle. It has been reported that there is a sudden decline in car theft after 2000 and the most stolen vehicles are ten or fifteen years old.

However, technology can never completely terminate crimes nor can it entirely curb poverty. The robbers nowadays find it way simpler to steal car parts discretely instead of indulging in grand theft auto.

The most commonly stolen parts are tyres, rims, side-mirrors and batteries as these have higher value in the black market and are also comparatively easier to steal.

However, the most expensive among these parts are tyres especially when they are installed with high quality rims. One piece of tyre along with the rim can cost you over 400 dollars and that’s a lot of money especially when all four of your car’s tyres are stolen.

Now the question arises how to stay safe?

Well, first of all try to park your car in a garage or in busy streets under camera surveillance. However, sometimes you are in rush or you don’t find a parking spot and you have to park in ‘danger zones’.

To avoid theft in such cases make sure that you follow the instructions below.

  • Install wheel locks on each wheel. They are extremely difficult to open without their key and the robbers would need specialized master key to open these locks. There is a considerable chance that they might leave your car without taking away your highly valuable tyres. A warning though, ‘don’t lose the key or you may fall in the trap that you set for others’!
  • You can also use lug nut locks because they require specially sized wrench to remove. This is a cheap method to keep your tyres safe, however, they can be easily melted using blow torch and this will blow your bank.
  • The other method is to equip your car with an alarm and don’t forget to install the sensors that include your wheels. This way, when the car is tilted or the wheels are tampered, the alarm goes off.
  • You should also consider parking your car with the wheels turned and lock up your steering after parking. This will prevent your front tyres from getting stolen as it is harder to remove the tyre as they get stuck in a wheel well. However, the rear wheels are still vulnerable in this method.

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