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Bankstown Tyres Sale is your source in Tyres for sale at exceptional prices. Our selection of big brand Tyres includes thousands of Tyres in the names you love and trust at the prices you seek.

Buy 1 Tyre And Get The 2nd Tyre For Half-Price, you have a winning combination. If we aren’t the lowest price in Bankstown, we guarantee a price match.

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Tyres for Sale Bankstown

At Bankstown Tyres Sale  , you can count on finding the best options in 13” to 22” Tyres for your light to medium sized vehicle. We fit Tyres for Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Utes, Jeeps, Commercial Vehicles, 4x4, and more. With Tyre sales & service repairs, you have the durable and high performing treads for the road.

When you buy Tyres at Bankstown Tyres Sale, you get more than just Tyres, you get: 

  • Discount on pink slip

  • Environmentally-friendly Tyre disposal

  • Free safety check

  • Tyre Fitting

  • Tubeless valves

  • Free standard wheel balancing

  • Discount on wheel alignment

  • Tread guarantee against manufacturing faults

Our daily special is our ongoing special:

  • Buy 1 Tyre And Get The 2nd Tyre For Half-Price

on all brands we stock, including: Westlake, Silverstone , Pirelli, Ironman, Accelera, Aptany, Achilles, Antares, BF Goodrich, Auplus, Atturo, Austone, Federal, Dunlop, Falken, Firenz, Delinte, Daewoo, Bridgestone , Hero, Goodride, Hercules, Gladiator, Hankook , Fullway, Goodyear , Forceum, Kumho, Kenda, Landsail, Hifly, Herovic, Kingstar, Kinforest, LanKenda, Mastercraft, Lizetti, Lexani, Maxxis, Ovation, Nitto, Pegasus, Pace, Roadstone, Silverstone, Zeta, Sailun, Rotall, Toyo and more.

With assistants that are here to help you with your best options in Tyres for Sale, guaranteed fitment, and the best prices, you have what you are looking for in Tyres for your auto or equipment.

How to Check Your Tyre Profile:

When purchasing Tyres, it is important to purchase Tyres that meet the recommended size of your vehicle’s manufacturer. To understand your Tyre profile, consider the following:

Width: The width of your Tyre is measured in millimeters. Measurements are taken from one side of the Tyre to the other, and the width is recorded as the first three digit number in the Tyre dimensions.

Profile (Aspect Ratio): The tallness of the Tyre is the angle ration and is determined by the measurement of the cross area of the Tyre to its width.

With ease in Tyre sales & services, you have you have a home for your old or damaged Tyres. Bankstown Tyres Sale offers free Tyre recycling. With green Tyres recycles, you don’t have the concerns of dangerous pollutants from Tyre.

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