At Bankstown Tyres Sale, our commitment to vehicle owners is quality Tyres and Wheel sales & services and low prices. We are your source for big brand Tyres at below market values. Get specials like Buy 1 Tyre And Get The 2nd Tyre For Half-Price. Whether shopping for Tyres for your light or medium sized vehicle, you can count on us to have your best options in Tyres at the best prices, just as the best Tyre & wheel services.

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Count on The Best Services at Bankstown Tyres Sale

With a team of authorised OTR technicians and auto specialists that direct you to your best options in Tyres & wheels sales and services, you have a trusted source for your needs.

With services that include:

  • Tyres for Sale Bankstown 

  • 4x4 & LT Tyres for sale

  • Mud Tyres for sale

  • Tyres supply & fitting

  • Free safety checks

  • Customer Tyre recycle

  • Front & rear wheel alignment

  • Wheel restoration and repainting

  • Wheel machining

  • Wheel repairing

  • Premium wheel balancing

  • Front & Rear Wheel Alignment

Our team of technicians is here for your Tyres & wheel needs.

Front & Rear Alignments

When your vehicle is pulling to one side, the steering wheel or vehicle itself is vibrating, or the Tyres are waring uneven, chances are your vehicle is out of alignment. Bankstown Tyres Sale provides safety checks and front & rear alignments that will keep your vehicle safely on the road and driving smoothly.

Tyre Recycling

Bankstown Tyres Sale offers our customers free Tyre recycling, taking your old Tyres and putting them to good use, recycling them into new products. Get the peace of mind of an eco-friendly Tyres recycle at Buy Car Tyres Bankstown .

Wheel Restorations

Bankstown Tyres Sale technicians are the pros when it comes to taking dull, damaged, bent, cracked and chipped wheels and restoring them to their new condition. Years of road wear, curb damage, bent wheels and cracks and dings can all bring the value of your vehicle down. With the skills and experience of our technicians, you have the sentimental value back in your newly conditioned rims.

When Quality Services and Discounts Are at The Top of The List

When quality services and discounts are at the top of the list, you want a trusted source for your Tyre & wheel sales and services. At Bankstown Tyres Sale, we are the trusted and reliable source you have been looking for. We guarantee the lowest Car Tyre Prices in Bankstown  and stand behind our workmanship 100 percent.

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Call us at 0414 969 969 or 9793 9285.

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